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Red Carpet Entrance for APM Music's New MNF Theme

07 Sep 2016

ESPN’s New 2016 Monday Night Football Opening features a new "Heavy Action" track reimagined by APM Custom, a division of APM Music, at Abbey Road Studios in London.

ESPN 2016 MNF Release feat. APM Music Custom Division

ESPN 2016 MNF Release

To license “Heavy Action” or any of the NFL Films Music Library, please contact APM Music at


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APM Music, a joint venture of EMI Music Publishing and Universal Music Publishing, is an innovative music house & production library supplying music for Sports Entertainment broadcasters (ESPN, Fox Sports, HBO Sports, NFL Network), professional franchises (Yankees, Dodgers, Braves, NY Giants, Steelers, Lakers, Clippers, Dallas Stars) and collegiate groups (Alabama, Auburn, Notre Dame, South Carolina, Georgia).

APM Music offers custom music through their boutique APM Custom ( division and production music via their APM Search site ( of over 500,000 tracks and more than 50 libraries, including both the MLB Music Library and the NFL Films Music Library.

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